Maximising equipment run time is the goal for every business and in these times of reduced engineering manpower and 24/7 production, we find that maintenance schedules and lubrication routines are often missed or not undertaken at all.

This scenario can have a detrimental impact on your assets and can lead to catastrophic failure of key equipment. Worn bearings, bushes, drive belts, failing parts, lack of lubrication or even incorrectly fitted components will all cause greater levels of friction leading to elevated component temperatures than that of normal running components and eventually failure. These temperature increases show in the form of heat patterns and when scanned with a thermal imaging camera detects early signs of deteriorating components.

Our comprehensive survey report gives the maintenance team the information required to plan in maintenance activity on the relevant equipment highlighted by thermal images. This reduces the need to carry out reactive repairs during production and in turn eradicates costly and potential catastrophic failures on the following equipment.

  • Drive motor’s
  • Gearboxes
  • Conveyor systems to include bearings and drive chain’s / belts
  • Couplings
  • Pumps
  • Steam trap’s
  • Hydraulic systems

By undertaking a non-intrusive thermographic survey, which is carried out during normal operations without the need to shut down or isolate, Thermographic Surveys Ltd works with its customers to increase equipment reliability and decrease downtime by providing early warning of deteriorating equipment.

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