Flir T420 Thermal Imaging Camera

11 Jan 2016

Recently carried out a test on the battery life for the T420

Results are listed below only as a guide. The Camera was turned off and only turned on to assess the battery life using the cameras battery symbol.

08:10 – Inserted fully charged battery, turned camera on, made sure battery symbol was full, then turned camera off.

11:10 – Turned camera on and battery symbol was on 3/4 full.

13:10 – Battery 1/2 full

15:10 – Battery 1/4 full

17:10 – Battery symbol flashing

18:10 Battery empty.

Be aware of battery drain even when battery is inserted and camera is not turned on.


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Detect and record heat in pictorial form using our thermographic imaging. A comprehensive report compiled to advise of any areas that need to be investigated.


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